The ReaDI-Watch© Offering

The ReaDI-Watch Offering comprises a complete structuring of your activities and implementation of an R&D and Innovation Framework based on our established methodologies, to the highest standards of innovation (Aligned with ISO).  Measures implemented may include the following;

Establishment of a Research & Innovation board, chaired by one of our R&D specialists, which governs and oversees the R&D activities taking place

Implementation and use of our ReaDI-Watch© Platform

Operational implementation of strong R&D framework in your company, to facilitate live capture of R&D data and evidence file to support R&D reporting

Support in the structuring and reporting of R&D for the purposes of grant applications and R&D Tax Credits

Diagnostics for continuous improvement

Training for those involved in R&D

Governance & Management

  • Applying strong governance and efficient management to your R&D and Innovation has been proven to reduce product time-to-market and deliver a better return on R&D investment.
  • Our R&D specialists work with you to implement a strong, efficient governance framework for your R&D and Innovation activities
  • This offering may involve the establishment of an R&D Board, to oversee all R&D activities within the company and govern the continuous improvements to drive your company towards R&D excellence

Diagnostics & Accreditation

Through our diagnostics system, named Research Readiness Level (RRL) Index, your company can understand its Readiness for R&D and Innovation Excellence, using our published RRL-Index© benchmark. This pinpoints key areas for improvement in your organization in order for you to perform high quality, efficient and expeditious R&D. The RRL-Index© sends you on your journey to R&D and Innovation Excellence.

RRL Index Graphic

How does it work?

Interviews with members of executive team/RD&I department

With tailored questions split across a range modules assessing R&D capability and environment

Benchmark over time to track success

Action plan formulated based on results (min. 300 data points)

The ReaDI-Watch© Offering draws data and scores from the RRL-Index© results to formulate an action plan for your company.

People & Training

We offer strategic and operational RD&I Training to facilitate the improvement and streamlining of RD&I processes.

Training of RD&I management and staff can increase efficiency, productivity, revenue and profits by decreasing inefficiencies and moving to prospective RD&I strategies.

Effective training can also lead to a higher level of compliance with standards as this becomes increasingly important in RD&I.

Do contact us for more details on our training programmes.

Disruptive Technologies and Industry 4.0

We work with clients in numerous facets of disruptive technologies and Industry 4.0, ranging from medical processing to smart manufacturing to digital platforms. In a fast-changing ecosystem it is essential to be aware of competitiors and the state-of-the art. Our service begins with this and works through to the implementation of strategies aligned with the digitalization and globalisation of manufacturing enterprises and with evolving client demands.

Technical consultancy

We also offer technical consultancy in a range of fields:

Manufacturing engineering

Food science

Industry 4.0


Typically one of our experts will work on-site or remotely with your engineers for a duration of time to solve problems or develop a new product/strategy. These projects are typically of shorter duration, approx. 6 months, but can vary depending on your needs. Do contact us for more details on which expertise we can offer.