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"GB Innovation Ltd. (GBI) has been working in partnership with Croom Precision Medical (CPM) Ltd. since January 2017. The external Chairman our RD&I Board is Professor Gerry Byrne of GBI and UCD (Engineering). In this 2 year timeframe we at CPM have been highly successful in strengthening our processes around our RD&I activities and in ensuring that our documentation and backup management information is of the highest standard. We successfully underwent a Revenue R&D Tax Credit audit earlier this year. In addition, CPM with the support of GBI has been in receipt of extensive funding through the Irish and EU funding mechanisms including Enterprise Ireland. CPM has also won several prestigious awards in recent times.

The RD&I processes are now well embedded in our company and the structures have been put in place for future on-going sustainable development of our RD&I activities. The service provided to us by GBI is of very high strategic importance to our company. We are
transforming ourselves to becoming the leading Irish company and Centre of Excellence in Additive Manufacturing and Precision Engineering in the sustainable, industry 4.0 digital and connected landscape. Our client base and revenue streams are rapidly expanding in the medical devices, aerospace and additive manufacturing sectors. GBI is proactively contributing to these disruptive and transformational changes through this valuable on-going partnership between both our companies.”

Dr. Noel Kelly CEO ANAM Ltd.

"In 2014 ANAM did not have a systematic approach to its research and innovation.  Using the Research Readiness Level Index methodology, GB Innovation Ltd. has delivered us a framework and ambition for our RD&I activities that can be measured and tracked.  The RD&I performance improvement in this time has been the determining factor for ANAM to reach a leadership position and profile in the tele-communications sector.

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Oct 4, 2018

New software platform ReaDI-Watch simplifies the RD&I process

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